Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Unfinished business – June 19, 2014

My children, some still have unfinished business, you must first complete what is not done yet before you can progress. Do not procrastinate, but be determined and willing to complete every assignment successfully, do not leave anything unfinished.

Do not only be a hearer but a doer also, or you only deceive yourself. You will have unfinished business and that is not acceptable nor pleasing to Me. Everyone will give account for their own deeds, good or evil. I will reward each one for what they have done.

Let no one hinder, distract or stop you from fulfilling My plan and purpose. The devil will always try his utmost so that you will have unfinished business. Give him no foothold and do not fall prey to him. Resist him and he will flee.

Be steadfast, you must decide to have no unfinished business but to complete everything that you know of that is still unfinished. Yield to My Holy Spirit and do not resist or grieve My Spirit who will guide you each step of the way to do My will, My plan and purpose.

Wake up, the devil has lulled many asleep that is why they still have unfinished business. A world is dying without Me and it is not My will that anyone perish but that all repent to have eternal life. Make sure that you do not have any unfinished business in My Kingdom. Work while you are able and do not wait. You have today, tomorrow is not promised. Do not have any unfinished business. Be faithful and obedient to Me.

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