Friday, July 25, 2014

Arise! – July 26, 2014

Arise My children, arise! Arise above your situation and circumstances. There are certain things that you can do nothing about, you cannot change it, but I am able to do the impossible. Believe and trust Me with all your heart. I will work all things out for good. Do not doubt and do not be discouraged but arise so that you can be victorious. Praise and glorify Me, for who I am and for what I am able to do. Let Me be in control. I will not fail or disappoint you. Arise now.

The devil does not want you to arise above your situation and circumstances, to be victorious. He wants you to be downcast, to lose hope and to give up on Me and My Kingdom. Do not fall prey to him, give him no foothold but arise to be victorious over him. Praise and glorify Me. He is defeated not you, do not be his victim. Arise now, and let your light shine.

I am for you and not against you. Do not let the devil continue to lie to you. Arise, victory is assured in Me. If I am for you who can be against you? No weapon formed against you will prosper and every one that comes against you, you will refute in My Name, because your vindication is from Me. There is Power in My Name. Arise! 

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