Thursday, July 17, 2014

Distracted, not focused – July 18, 2014

My children, you must deliberately keep your focus on Me and My Kingdom. It is easy to get distracted, to lose focus.

The devil will do his utmost to distract you from Me and My Kingdom. He wants you to lose perspective what life really is all about. He will do everything possible to sidetrack, hinder and stop you from doing My will. Keep perspective and be focused on what is really important, Me and My everlasting Kingdom. The other things do not matter and have no eternal value.

Stay focused and do not get distracted. Things will change, evil will increase, the love of many will grow cold, because they are lovers of the world and not lovers of Me and My Kingdom. Those things that are an abomination to Me, they do not only approve of them, but many do them themselves. No difference between them and the rest of the world. They are in enmity with Me and not pleasing to Me. Lovers of pleasure and not separated onto Me and My Kingdom. I know every heart and all motives. Many only pretend but their focus is not on Me and My Kingdom that is why they are not doing My will, building onto My Kingdom as I guide and lead them.

It is a decision that each one must make and be willing to fulfill their Kingdom purpose and to stay focused on Me and My Kingdom, doing My will. I force no one. Everyone has a choice and will give account for their deeds. Do not get distracted, stay focused on Me and My Kingdom, your reward is with Me. I will not disappoint or fail you.

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