Friday, August 22, 2014

Desire – August 23, 2014

My children, many desire the wrong things in life. They do not realize what life really is about. It is all about Me and My everlasting Kingdom. Everyone is born for My plan and purpose. No one is a coincidence.

Let your desire be Me and My Kingdom, My will. Desire to know Me more and better, to do My will, to be pleasing to Me. To be part of My everlasting Kingdom because not everyone who says to Me Lord, Lord is pleasing to Me and they will not see Me nor enter into Heaven because they have the wrong desires in life.

Many desire the things of the world more than Me. They are in enmity with Me and not pleasing to Me or worthy of Me and My everlasting Kingdom. They lust after their own desires. Do not give in to fleshly, ungodly desires. That is what satan wants. He will try his utmost to lure you away with all kind of wrong desires. Do not fall prey to him, resist him and he will flee. Give him no foothold, he has destroyed many and he is seeking more to destroy. Do not become his victim but be victorious, overcome his evil desires.

Keep your focus on Me and My Kingdom. Yield and let My Spirit guide and lead you into My perfect will and not your own fleshly desires. Listen and obey My Spirit and do as I want, My will be done, that is pleasing and acceptable to Me.

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