Saturday, August 30, 2014

The right attitude – August 31, 2014

My children, you must be different, have the right attitude in life. Although you are all still in the world, you are not of it, be separate. You will be hated, persecuted and some killed for Me and My Kingdom but great will your reward be in Heaven, if you endure, have the right attitude towards your enemies. Love them and do not hate, bless and do not curse and pray for them also, although they have the wrong attitude towards you. I see and I hear everything. You are all ever before Me. I am the righteous Judge, I am fair and just. I will repay, vengeance is Mine. Your enemies are also My enemies. It will be a terrible thing for those with the wrong attitude to fall into My Hands if they do not repent and change their attitude. I am a God of love but also a Consuming Fire to My adversaries.

Do not let those with a wrong attitude influence you, even if they misuse and mistreat you. I know every heart and all motives. Be different have the right attitude yourself. Let Me change, transform you into My likeness, having the same attitude as Me, your Lord, King and Master. It is not My will that anyone perish but that all repent to have eternal life. I force no one and you can also not force anyone, if they are not willing to repent, to seek Me for themselves. Each and every one has a free will to choose, it depends on your attitude towards Me and My everlasting Kingdom. Be wise and choose right, have the right attitude or you will perish if you continue in your stubbornness, wrong attitude and only have yourself to blame. There will be no mercy for the wicked without true remorseful repentance. Have the right attitude.

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