Monday, September 29, 2014

Not the possible – September 30, 2014

My children, I did not change and I will not change. I am the same yesterday, today and will be forever. I do what is impossible, not the possible only. I am not limited or restricted, I do as I wish. Do not limit or restrict Me or yourself, the impossible is possible with Me, but without Me you can do nothing. Give disbelief no foothold, then you disqualify yourself for the impossible.

Do not only seek for the possible but seek the impossible. For many it is impossible that I will reveal Myself to them. If they are serious and willing to seek Me they will find Me. It is not impossible, but possible that I will reveal Myself to them as I wish but then they must diligently seek Me. I know every heart and all motives. Do not pretend, be serious, upright in heart.

My Hand is not too short to help with the impossible, not the possible, that you are also able to do. I speak about the supernatural, the extraordinary, seek that which is impossible, not the possible. Let your faith come into action. The impossible, extraordinary things will happen. I am who I said I am, The Almighty, able to do the impossible. Believe and trust Me and you will see My Hand move.

Do not always seek for that which is possible in your eyes but seek the impossible. That is how your faith grows. Believe and trust Me, I am able to do the impossible, not the possible only. Have faith in Me.

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