Thursday, October 2, 2014

Everyone’s own choice – October 03, 2014

My children, there are many different kinds of beliefs in the world, but it is everyone’s own choice what they want to believe and in whom they want to believe, but each one will also bear the consequences. Some are wise, others are foolish and they will perish if they do not repent in time. It is not My will that anyone perish but that all repent to have eternal life but I force no one, everyone has a free will and must choose for themselves.

Although there might be many beliefs, I am the only Way, the Truth and the Life, the Light of the world, the only Savior of the world, the Prince of Peace, besides Me there is none and will never be. The one who chooses to believe in Me, will not be without hope nor be disappointed and will have My peace that surpasses all human understanding but those who do not believe in Me, who reject Me, will perish.

It is not about participating in religion exercises but in having your own personal relationship with Me. I am real and I am alive. I speak in different ways to those who diligently seek Me. Those who have ears to hear will hear. There is no favoritism with Me and I do not discriminates. Everyone has a free will to choose who they want to serve, belief in. I force no one.

Many believe in all kinds of fables, if they are willing to seek Me, they will find Me. It is everyone’s own choice to seek Me. The one who seeks Me will not be disappointed. I reward those who diligently seek Me. I reveal Myself to them. I do not fail. I am trustworthy. 

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