Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Hope and trust – October 23, 2014

My children, do not lose hope, but put all your hope and trust in Me. I do not fail. Hope in Me does not disappoint. I am no man that I will lie.

Many want to lose hope when things do not work out the way they want or think. You must follow Me every step of the way in faith, not by sight, and do not lean on your own understanding because things will not work out the way you want or think. My will be done. I am in control. I know the end from the beginning. My promises do not fail. I work all things out for good according to My plan and purpose.

Your faith will be tested. Be steadfast, unmovable, endure, press on and do not lose hope but trust Me to see you through. Nothing is impossible with Me. You cannot have a breakthrough if you do not press on and endure. If you lose hope and give up then it will be all in vain. Do not lose hope and do not give up on Me and My Kingdom.

Some of you are going through many things, trials, persecution and tribulation but it is good, it is to build you up and not to tear you down. I am for you and not against you. I prepare some of you for greater things therefore you have to go through certain things. Rejoice and be thankful in everything, do not despair, and do not lose hope but trust Me. I will not fail you. Victory is assured in Me.

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