Saturday, October 18, 2014

My approval – October 19, 2014

My children, you must only seek for My approval and not for the approval of others, or you will compromise, if you seek to be accepted by others.

It is a narrow and lonely road, few are on it. Strive hard to enter through the narrow gate for many will try, but will not be able. Many are on the broad road to destruction and they do not even realize it and others do not even care. I know every heart and all motives, nothing can be hidden from Me. I know who are serious and who only pretend, who seek for the approval of others and not for My approval of them. That is why many compromise the truth for lies, they become people pleasers and still they think that I am pleased with them, while I am not. They must repent, stop seeking for the approval of fallible men and women and seek for My approval only.  I am the righteous Judge who will judge each one righteously. I am the only One who is able to throw into hell. Seek therefore for My approval only. Make sure that I approve of you, that is all that matters. I will reward each one for their deeds.

Be steadfast, unmovable and do not compromise, seek to do My will only. You will be hated, persecuted and some killed for Me and My Kingdom but great will your reward be in Heaven, if you endure until the end. My approval of you is all that matters in the end. I will allow you entrance into Heaven or refuse you. Let Me approve of you. Make sure that your name is written in My Book of Life and not blotted out.

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