Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Precisely – October 08, 2014

My children, listen to Me and do precisely what I tell you to do. Do not deviate from My instructions to you, do not lean on your own understanding but trust Me. You are in perilous times. Do not go where I do not send you. Then you are not under My leading and protection. Be precise in everything. Listen and you will live, but if you refuse you will perish.

Do not lag behind or try to go ahead of Me. Follow My guidance and leading precisely. Many are not precise. Submit to Me and My authority, deny yourself, pick up your cross every day and follow Me as I guide and lead you into My perfect will. My will be done precisely as I wish.

I am in control, I know the end from the beginning. I work all things out for good precisely according to My plan and purpose, nothing is out of My control. I do not fail, Trust Me and be precise. Listen and obey Me, without Me you can do nothing. Yield to My Spirit and do not resist or grieve My Spirit like so many do because they are not precisely doing My will.

Repent, be precise, come after Me and do My will as I guide and lead you, every step of the way. Be a doer and not a hearer only, or you deceive yourself. Each one will give account for their deeds.

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