Monday, January 5, 2015

Trust Me for the extraordinary – January 06, 2015

My children, I did not change. I am the same yesterday, today and will be forever. I am who I said that I am, the Almighty. I am Omnipotent, I Reign by My Great Power and Glory. I know the end from the Beginning. Trust Me for the extraordinary and do not limit nor restrict Me because of disbelief.

I strip many of many things, few realize it, but most don’t. I am jealous for My children. I will strip you more and more of all the things that are not pleasing nor acceptable to Me but an abomination. I know every heart and all motives. I know who is serious and who only pretend.

Do not love anything nor anybody more than Me and My Kingdom. Seek My Kingdom and My righteousness first, above everything and anybody and I will add all the other things according to My plan and purpose. Trust Me for the extraordinary, I do not fail. I do what is impossible with people. I work all things out for good, I do the extraordinary, the supernatural. Believe and trust Me for who I really am and for what I am able to do and not who you think who I am and able to do. Let Me be who I am. Put all your hope and trust in Me for the extraordinary. My will be done through the extraordinary, trust Me it is possible and all for My glory.

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