Sunday, February 8, 2015

Don't look back – February 09, 2015

My children, don't look back. Today is a new day, you cannot change anything about yesterday, it is the past. Focus on today only. You have today, tomorrow is not even promised. You cannot change anything of the past so don't look back.

Many cannot proceed or grow because they keep looking back. Don't look back because it will only hinder and stop you from progressing. Leave the past behind and move forward with Me today. Follow Me one step at a time. I guide and lead you.

Follow Me anew today and every new day that I will give you to do My will in My Kingdom. Do the best you can today, tomorrow will have enough of its own troubles and things. Focus on today only and don't look back.

Some of you, come a long way through many obstacles and trials. You have been tested thoroughly. You grew spiritually and your faith is much stronger than it used to be because you endured and pressed on.

You learned valuable lessons in the past but don't look back. I have a plan and purpose with everything. Put all your hope and trust in Me. I go ahead, follow Me, one step at a time but don't look back.

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