Sunday, May 31, 2015

Connected – June 01, 2015

My children, you must always be connected to Me, without Me you can do nothing. You must yield to My Spirit in you and not resist or grieve My Spirit like so many do. That is why they are not connected to Me.

Many are disconnected from Me and still they think and believe that they are pleasing and acceptable to Me while they are not worthy of Me nor of My everlasting Kingdom.

You must always be connected to Me. I must be the King and in control of your lives. I know the end from the beginning. I reveal new and hidden things to those who are connected to Me according to My plan and purpose. I work all things out for good.

Many are lost because they are not connected to Me. They do not know Me nor do they have a personal relationship with Me. I am not real nor alive to them because they have no connection with Me. That is why they are not being guided or being led by My Spirit and do not follow Me but they follow strangers whom I warned them, to run away from. Stay with Me, listen, obey and follow Me only as I guide and lead you, every step of the way. Be connected to Me and stay connected until the very end. I will not fail you.

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