Saturday, May 30, 2015

Patiently endure – May 31, 2015

My children, be steadfast in these days and patiently endure, your endurance will not be in vain. I will work all things out for good according to My plan and purpose, trust Me. Changes, a break through will come at the appointed time, until then patiently endure. Your faith will be much stronger. Trials and tribulations you will always have. I am always with you to help and to sustain you, you are not on your own. I am always with you to see you through.

Do not focus on the things that are happening in the world but focus on Me and My Kingdom. There is much work to be done in the midst of turmoil. There will be no true peace without Me in this world, but My true children will have My peace which surpasses all human understanding in the midst of turmoil. You must be steadfast, patiently endure and do not lose hope nor withdraw from Me and My Kingdom, or it will be all in vain.

You will enter into Heaven through much tribulation, you have to patiently endure until the very end. The end will come at the appointed time. There is a time for everything. Nothing is out of control. Believe Me, I am in control. I know the end from the beginning. I Reign by My Great Power and Glory, I am Omnipotent. My promises will not fail nor be delayed.

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