Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Not My Kingdom – June 18, 2015

Let no one deceive you, there is much deception in the world. My Kingdom is not of the world. I do not live in man made buildings, made of stone and mortar. I live in the hearts of My beloved children, by My Spirit. They are a Temple of My Holy Spirit. They do not belong to themselves, to others or to the world but to Me and My everlasting Kingdom. They are My sons and daughters, My true disciples. They are being led and guided by My Spirit and no one else.

Many are building for themselves earthly kingdoms, empires which they themselves are in control of and not I, it is not My Kingdom, they will not last. They have deceived many to believing their lies. They have their own man made doctrines and they practice religion exercises only. They worship Me in vain with their mouths because their hearts are far from Me. I seek true worshippers, who worship Me in Spirit and in Truth. Those who are being led by My Spirit they are My sons and daughters. They are heirs of My everlasting Kingdom.

Seek My Kingdom, be part of My everlasting Kingdom and build onto My Kingdom, not the other kingdoms, they will perish. Follow Me, or it will be all in vain.

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