Friday, June 12, 2015

Too many other voices – June 13, 2015

There are many voices going out in the world. That is why only a few listen to and follow Me. Many are listening to too many other voices but not to Me, because they do not know Me, I am a stranger to them. They have no personal relationship with Me. That is why they do not hear Me nor do they follow Me. They listen to too many other voices.

No one can follow Me, if they do not listen to Me and get their guidance from Me. I guide and lead My own, every step of the way.

Be quit, stop listening to all the other voices and listen to Me only, then you will hear Me. I am always faithful. Be patient and wait on Me. I speak, listen to Me.

The devil will always try to hinder you, resist him and he will flee. Do not fall prey to him. He will use all the other voices and noises to distract and hinder you from listening and hearing from Me. Be persistent, keep listening to Me and not to other voices.

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