Saturday, July 18, 2015

Compare – July 19, 2015

Many compare themselves with other people, but you are all unique, created for My plan and purpose.

Do not compare yourselves with other people. I love and I care for you. You are precious to Me. I have a plan and purpose with each one who is willing to fulfill their part in My everlasting Kingdom, young and old. I prepare each one according to My plan and purpose, to do My will as I guide and lead them. You are a Temple of My Holy Spirit.

I must approve of you and be pleased with you and no one else. You do not need to compare yourself with anyone to be pleasing to Me.

No one can compare with Me. I am your perfect example. Follow Me. Be transformed into My likeness. Do not compare yourself with others. Keep your focus on Me and do My will. I will reward each one for their deeds. Your reward is with Me.

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