Thursday, July 16, 2015

Trouble and hardship – July 16, 2015

You will have much trouble and hardship in the world if you are of My everlasting Kingdom that is not of the world. They only love their own. My beloved children will be rejected, hated, persecuted and some killed because of Me and My Kingdom. You must endure and bear it all until the very end, great will your reward be in Heaven.

Be strong and courageous, trouble and hardship you will have to endure as My children. I am for you and not against you. I see and I hear everything. I am the righteous Judge who will judge righteously. Your enemies are also My enemies, I will repay, vengeance is Mine.

Trouble and hardship is good for you. It is to build your faith and trust in Me, to change you for good. Endure, press on and do not lose hope nor give up on Me and My Kingdom when you have to go through trouble and hardship of all kinds. Each one will enter into Heaven through much tribulation.

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