Friday, August 21, 2015

Mind your own walk – August 22, 2015

Each one of you My children, must mind your own walk with Me. Your own walk with Me is important. You will give account for your deeds and I will reward each one according to their deeds, good or bad. Focus therefore on your own walk with Me to be pleasing to Me and to be in My perfect will. My will be done, not your own or that of other people.

Many are busy bodies, not minding their own walk and own relationship with Me. They are always busy with other people and not with Me and My Kingdom. They are not concerned about their own walk with Me. They do not have a personal relationship with Me because they are too busy with other people and not with Me nor busy building onto My everlasting Kingdom.

Mind your own walk with Me and work on our relationship because nobody else can do it for you. You are responsible for yourself. Do not look at other people. No one will have any excuse, I know every heart and motives. I am the righteous Judge. Mind your own walk, follow Me every step of the way, as I guide and lead you.

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