Monday, August 3, 2015

Not all will finish the race – August 04, 2015

Sadly, not all who start to run a race will finish it, so it will be with the spiritual race also. Do not be deceived and do not let anyone deceive you or deceive yourselves. The truth is that not all will finish the race that they started.

Some will give up before the end, they will not endure, they will withdraw, stop running their race and it will be all in vain.

Only those who are determined, who press on and endure and continue to run their race according to My rules will get the prize of eternal life in the end. You must all run the race set before you in such a way to receive the prize in the end, because not all will finish the race. You must want to finish the race successfully. Do not look around you and do not look back, you might stumble or fall. Keep your focus on Me and keep running with determination and anticipation your race set before you, until the very end. Some will be disappointed because not all will finish the race.

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