Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Obedience to Me, spiritual growth and progress – August 05, 2015

Your obedience to Me, My children matters and will determine your spiritual growth and progress.

Many are disobedient to Me that is why they do not grow spiritually and they do not progress at all, they are stagnated because of their disobedience to Me. Many resist and grieve My Spirit. I will not strive with anyone forever. I force no one to obey Me, but each one will bear the consequences, because all disobedience will be punished. I discipline and reprove every one of My children out of love and because I care.

Each one will learn obedience through much suffering. That is the only way that you will learn obedience to Me and My Kingdom, then you can expect to grow spiritually to reach maturity and you will progress according to My plan and purpose and be in My perfect will.

Willfully submit yourself to Me and My authority. Let Me be in control and have My way. Deny yourself, pick up your cross every day and follow Me as I guide and lead you every step of the way. I will work all things out for good according to My plan and purpose. My will be done, not your will nor that of other people, or you will not grow spiritually nor progress at all. I seek total obedience from each one of those who call themselves My children and not just from some like so many believe and think. Every one must obey Me to grow to spiritual maturity and to progress in their daily walk with Me. I have no favoritism and I do not discriminate.

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