Sunday, October 11, 2015

Joyfully – October 11, 2015

Serve and follow Me joyfully out of love My children, not out of obligation. I force no one. Willfully and joyfully sing songs of praise to Me for I am worthy. Worship Me in Spirit and in truth.

Each one will be rewarded for your deeds, good or bad. You have a free will, you choose for yourselves if you want to be good or bad but will also bear the consequences. Do to others what you want them to do to you also. Let others glorify Me through your good deeds.

Joyfully sow good seed in My Kingdom. What you sow you will reap also. Those who sow in tears will joyfully reap a harvest in due time, it will not be in vain. Trust Me, do not lose hope and do not give up, you will not be disappointed but those who do not sow cannot expect to have a harvest.

Continue joyfully to run the race set before you with endurance and perseverance until the very end to receive your prize of eternal life.

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