Thursday, December 31, 2015

Do not look back – December 31, 2015

Do not look back, but look ahead. Press on, move forward, leave the past behind. You cannot change anything about the past. Yesterday is also the past. Focus on today, your walk with Me, this day, that matters. Do today what is pleasing to Me. My will be done.

The things of the past are only there to remind you not to make the same mistakes again, but you cannot change anything about it. Do not focus on the past and do not look back.

Keep your focus on Me and My Kingdom and do My will today. Tomorrow will have enough of its own troubles. You have today, do the best you can.

Many cannot progress, move forward with Me because they keep looking back. If you are going to look back, you will stagnate. Be determined to move forward with Me. Start anew today and follow My guidance and leading, one step at a time. I go before you, to make the crooked places straight, the rough places smooth and to open doors according to My plan and purpose. Trust Me and do not look back.

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