Monday, January 18, 2016

Living Kingdom examples – January 18, 2016

I want each one of My children to be living Kingdom examples, and not just some of you, wherever you are in the world. Be different, stand out, stand for truth and My righteousness. I have one standard of truth and righteousness for all and not just for some like many believe and think. I am the righteous Judge, who will judge each one fairly and justly.

Let everything that you do or say, glorify Me, build onto My Kingdom to expand it and all for My Glory. My Kingdom is the only Kingdom that will last forever. You are all called to be part of My everlasting Kingdom but not everybody wants to. I force no one. I know every heart and all motives.

Be living Kingdom examples in the world. The world is watching you as My beloved children all the time. Be blameless, pure in heart. They will blame you but I know your heart and motives. Seek for My approval only, your vindication is from Me, not from people. I must be pleased with you, that is all that matters.

To be living Kingdom examples, you will pay a price, you will be hated, persecuted and some killed for Me and My Kingdom but great will your reward be in Heaven, if you endure until the end. It will not be in vain. Be living Kingdom examples even unto death. Follow My perfect example. I paid the ultimate price on the cross for all out of love.

Show Me that you also love Me, be a living Kingdom example in a world that is lost. It is not My will that anyone perish but that all repent to have eternal life. Let your Light shine in darkness to draw others to Me, the Light of the world. All is not lost, there is hope with Me. I do not fail nor do I disappoint. Put all your hope and trust in Me. Be a living Kingdom example.

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