Friday, January 8, 2016

Press on towards your goal - January 08, 2016

You must endure, press on to be able to reach your ultimate goal, eternal life with Me. You must never lose hope nor give up, then it will be all in vain. You must strive hard every day, not just some days or when you feel like it. It is a daily walk with Me. You must work on our relationship every day. Hear from Me, obey and follow Me every step of the way. Press on to reach your goal in the end, to have eternal life.

Strive hard to be able to enter through the narrow Door, because many will try but will not be able. That must be your ultimate goal in life, to be able to enter through the narrow Door in the end. You are able, but then you must press on towards your goal. Let nobody take your crown.

The devil will always try his utmost to get you to lose hope and to give up before you reach your goal. Do not fall prey to him, give him no foothold but resist him and he will flee. You are not unknown to his schemes. Be vigilant, watchful and praying.

This life is only temporary, it is not your final destination. Press on towards your goal, your end destination, eternity with Me in Heaven.

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