Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The way of the masses - January 27, 2016

Do not follow the way of the masses, even if you are on your own. The way of the masses is not pleasing nor acceptable to Me. Let no one deceive you and take you off course.

The masses love lies not truth. All the things that I hate, that are an abomination to Me, they do not only approve of those things, but they do them themselves also. I have one standard of truth and righteousness for all and not just for some like they believe and think. I have no favoritism and I do not discriminate.

The way of the masses are not My way. If you follow Me, My way, you know that My way is not the way of the masses. Few are on the narrow Way, My way, that leads to Life, the masses are all on the broad way to destruction.

Follow Me, My way, I guide and lead My own every step of the way. I am the only Way, the Truth and the Life. Strive hard to enter through the narrow Door for many will try but will not be able. There is a way that seems right but its end leads to death. That is the way of the masses, they are heading the wrong way to destruction, unless they repent, turn from their wrongful way and follow Me, My way, it will be all in vain.

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