Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Idolize idols – February 24, 2016

There are many, young and old, who idolize idols and that is an abomination to Me. It might be acceptable to the world but it is not acceptable nor pleasing to Me. Do not be deceived.

I am a jealous God, a God of Love but also a Consuming Fire to My adversaries, those who idolize idols. I must be your first Love and you must love nothing and nobody more than Me. I know, I see and I hear everything. You are all ever before Me. I have no favoritism and I do not discriminate. I love and I care for you. Do not idolize idols then you are in enmity with Me and must repent because there will be no mercy without true remorseful repentance.

The love of many are growing cold, because they idolize idols. There is a difference between love and idolize. You must love Me with all your heart more than anything and anybody else and you must love everybody else also, but do not idolize them. They must not be your idol.

Many are being led astray from Me. Those who let My little ones stumble, will give account to Me. Do not teach your children wrong, to idolize idols, people nor images. Many idolize celebrities, sportsmen, sportswomen and other people who are all fallible, carved images, other gods, all idols that are not pleasing to Me. Do not teach your children lies but truth only.

It is all about Me, to love Me, to know Me for real, to serve Me, to have your own personal relationship with Me. I am alive, the Living God, besides Me there is none and will never be. I am the only Way, the Truth and the Life. I am Holy, be also holy. Do not idolize idols but keep yourselves free from idols.

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