Sunday, February 14, 2016

My will be done, that is pleasing to Me – February 14, 2016

Each one must desire to be in My perfect will, to do that which is pleasing to Me. My will be done.  I must approve of you, that is all that matters. What people think does not matter. I will judge each one for your deeds, good or evil.

Many are not in My perfect will, that is why they are not pleasing to Me, but they believe and think that they are. Only I can reveal My will to you and if I am pleased with you or not. Seek to be in My perfect will, not your own will or that of other people.

I am Lord, King and Master. I am in control of My everlasting Kingdom. My will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. I seek obedience from each one and not just from some like many believe and think. That is why they are not doing My will. Many are busy doing the will of other people because they seek for their approval and acceptance, not Mine.

To be in My perfect will and to be pleasing to Me. Deny yourself, submit totally to Me and My authority. Listen to Me and follow Me every day, as I guide and lead you and do My will as I instruct you. Do not be a hearer only but a doer also, or you are only deceiving yourself and are not pleasing to Me nor are you in My perfect will. Seek My will and do it.

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