Friday, March 18, 2016

Liberty – March 18, 2016

I want each one to be free, to live a life of liberty. If I set you free, you will be free indeed. There is liberty with Me.

The devil does not want anyone to be free. Truth sets free not lies. Lies keep many in bondage, in captivity, enslaved that is why they are not victorious and overcomers. Seek liberty and you will find liberty.

That is why many do not follow Me, they are not free but still in bondage, in captivity and enslaved. Let Me set you free, then you will be free to follow Me only as I guide and lead you. Many do not want liberty. They are enslaved to man made doctrines and rules, it is their choice.

You must earnestly seek and desire to have liberty and I will set you free indeed. Do not get in bondage, in captivity, enslaved again. Be led and guided by My Spirit only, then you will have true liberty. My Spirit of Truth will guide you into all truth and no one else. Religion and religious exercises keep many in bondage, in captivity, they are enslaved, not free to serve Me and to do My will only, My plan and purpose. Those who are being led by My Spirit, they are in liberty, My beloved sons and daughters.

They will be hated, persecuted and some killed because they are not part of the rest who only love their own. I love and I care for you. I came to set free, so that you can have life and life in abundance.

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