Thursday, May 19, 2016

Be Trustworthy – May 19, 2016

My people must be trustworthy and not be like the rest of the world. Many are not trustworthy and must repent. You must be different, stand out as My people and be known as people with integrity, who are trustworthy. Do not be a shame on My Name and My everlasting Kingdom, then you are an abomination to Me. You all represent Me in the world, you are My ambassadors and must be trustworthy.

Be always blameless. Your good deeds must show that you are indeed trustworthy. Do not make hasty promises that you will not be able to keep. You must be trustworthy in everything so that I will be glorified. Do what you promised. Do not fail and disappoint other people.

Follow My example of trustworthiness. My promises do not fail. You must have the same characteristics. Each one will give account for your deeds, good or evil. Be always trustworthy, that is pleasing to Me.

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