Saturday, May 21, 2016

Learn obedience through much suffering – May 21, 2016

My people will learn obedience through much suffering. I am your perfect example. I learned obedience through much suffering, even unto death on the Cross.

Each one of you with no exception will also learn obedience through much suffering until you are totally obedient to Me. I have no favoritism and I do not discriminate. I seek total obedience from all, not just from some like many believe and think. They are deceived and  will learn obedience through much suffering. All the disobedient will be punished.

Do not despise it when I discipline and reprove you, it is for good and out of love. I discipline and reprove every one who I accepted as My own. Those who do not want to accept My discipline and when I reprove them will bear the consequences. All disobedience will be punished. I am the righteous Judge, I judge fairly and justly. Obey Me and you will live, refuse and you will perish.  Be willing to learn obedience through much suffering. I will not strive with anyone forever. I do not find any pleasure in the death of a sinner but I do not change.

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