Friday, May 6, 2016

My people must serve, honor and fear Me – May 06, 2016

My people must serve, honor and fear Me, it is not an option but a requirement. Serve Me only and wholeheartedly, honor and glorify Me, I am worthy. Fear Me for who I really am and for what I am able to do. Then you will not stray from Me. You will be different and separated from the rest of the world. You will love Me above everybody and everything. You will be holy like Me because I do not change. My people must change for good.

I discipline and reprove every one who I accepted as My own out of love, because I care. Those who reject My discipline and when I reprove them will bear the consequences.

Many do not serve, honor nor fear Me that is why their deeds are evil. They have no fear and no reverence for Me because they do not know Me. I am the righteous Judge, the only One who is able to throw into hell. Be serious, serve, honor and fear Me because not everyone who says to Me, Lord, Lord will see Me, nor enter into Heaven. Do not be deceived. I will say to many in that day, go away, I never knew you, your workers of iniquity. What will I say to you? That matters.

Live your lives worthy of Me and My everlasting Kingdom. The unrighteous will not inherit My everlasting Kingdom. My people, must serve, honor and fear Me out of love, that is pleasing to Me.

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