Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Insecure – June 22, 2016

Many are insecure because they do not know Me for real. They do not hear My voice, nor do they follow Me, My way. No one can follow Me and do My will if you do not hear from Me first.  You must seek to hear My voice until you hear Me for yourselves. I speak, pay attention and listen to what I say to you. Seek Me until you find Me or you will stay insecure. I do not fail those who diligently seek Me with all their heart. My own know Me and I know them, they are not insecure.

Many are anxious because they are insecure. They are not sure about Me, My everlasting Kingdom and their end destination. It is because they do not know Me for real, nor do they have an intimate personal relationship with Me.

That is why your own relationship with Me is very important. Many are lacking a personal relationship with Me that is why they are always insecure about My love for them and their end destination. They do not know Me for who I really am and for what I am able to do.

Doubt causes many to be insecure. Repent and do not doubt Me. I am not a man, I do not lie. My promises do not fail. I am faithful but you must also be faithful to Me. Disobedience to Me causes many to feel insecure. I seek total obedience from all of you.

Many feel insecure because of sin. Sin separates them from Me. Repent, turn from your wicked ways and live your lives worthy of Me and My everlasting Kingdom then you will have My assurance and not be insecure like so many are.

Many will fall away from Me because of insecurity. They do not know Me for real. Get to know Me for real then you will not be insecure. Nothing is able to separate you from My love for you but you must love Me more than anything and anybody. I must always be your First Love.

Have faith in Me, I do not fail. I love and I care for you. Be secure in Me, listen to, obey and follow Me, every step of the way, until the very end. There is no other Way. I am the only Way, the Truth and the Life.

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