Saturday, August 20, 2016

Discipline – August 20, 2016

This generation is wicked because many lack discipline. They have no fear for Me because they do not know Me for who I really am and for what I am able to do.

Many parents and their children are alike, they all need discipline. That is why the world is in turmoil. Many parents and their children love darkness and not Light because their deeds are evil.

I discipline and reprove every one of My children with no exception out of love and because I care. I have no favoritism and I do not discriminate. I am fair and just. It might not be pleasant when I discipline and reprove you but it is for good.

Do not despise My discipline and when I reprove you, it is to change, transform you into My likeness. I am the Righteous Judge and I must be pleased with you.

That is why I will say to many in that day, who say to Me, Lord, Lord; go away, I never knew you, your workers of iniquity. They were not willing to accept My discipline and when I reproved them.

Be always thankful when I discipline and reprove you and accept it gladly although it might not be nice but it produces fruitfulness. A tree is known by its fruit. Every tree that bears good fruit, I prune, so that it can bear more good fruit but every tree that does not bear good fruit will be cut off and burned. A good tree cannot bear bad fruit and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit.

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