Sunday, August 7, 2016

Your love for Me – August 07, 2016

Do not love anything nor anybody more than Me. I am jealous for My people. I want each one to walk with Me in love and with a sincere heart. I must always be your first love.

Show Me that you really love Me, many only pretend. I know every heart and all motives. You must be pure in heart. Love Me with all your heart. Do not worship Me with your mouth only but with your heart also. Worship Me in Spirit and in truth, in the beauty of holiness, that is pleasing to Me.

Work on our relationship with love. I love and I care for you. Spend time with Me, get to know Me for who I really am and not who you believe nor think who I am. Seek Me out of love.

I am Love, My love is unfailing. Nothing is able to separate My people from My Love. There is no condemnation nor fear in perfect Love. My love is perfect. Walk with Me in love and you will experience My love, My mercy and grace more and more.

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