Thursday, October 6, 2016

Be prepared, always ready – October 06, 2016

Every one must be prepared and always be ready in these days. You can all expect the unexpected at any time because you never know what can happen or come your way. I always warn My children before the time so that you can prepare to be always ready. Do not fear but put all your hope and trust in Me.

You will not be in darkness if you stay with Me the Light of the world. I know everything and I reveal it to My children as I wish. I know the end from the beginning, nothing is new or hidden from Me. That is why I warn, take heed and prepare now and do not wait. Prepare yourselves spiritually and naturally. You must always be ready, pleasing to Me, that is important.

Many are dying every day and more will in these days that is why you must be prepared, always ready because you never know when it might be your time, some will die suddenly and unexpectedly even today. Be always in right standing with Me. I will allow you entrance into Heaven or refuse you. I am the narrow Door besides Me there is no other, do not be deceived. Be prepared, always ready, worthy of Me and My everlasting Kingdom.

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