Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Many will be deceived – October 19, 2016

This time that you are in has been foretold long ago and this is the time that many will fall away from Me, they will accept lies for truth because they do not know Me for real. They have no true knowledge of Me and My everlasting Kingdom for who I really am and for what I am able to do. Many lack a personal relationship with Me that is why they are deceived and in darkness. I am the Light of the world, those who are in Me, will not be in darkness.

The only way that you will not be deceived is by knowing Me for real. They will try to deceive all mankind, if possible. Know Me for real then you will not be deceived and not be led astray from Me in these days. Not everything that you see, hear and read is truth. There is much deception and it is increasing. Trust no one but Me. Listen to, obey and follow Me every step of the way. I am the only Way, the Truth and the Life, besides Me there is none and will never be. I guide and lead My own every step of the way, one step at a time. Run away from all strangers, many will be deceived in these days. Do not fall prey to the deceivers. Be vigilant, watchful and praying. Stay with Me and follow Me alone. My Spirit of Truth guides into all truth and warns of deception. Be one with Me and walk with Me step by step all the way. I love and I care for you that is why I warn, many will be deceived. Do not be one of them.


  1. Bless you Lord for ALL TRUTH!!!!

    Shalom and love to ALL♡

    1. Amen! Shalom and love to you also Sis Libby.