Sunday, October 16, 2016

Stand your ground - October 16, 2016

You must stand your ground and not be cowards in these days. A few want to control and manipulate all of you My children. They want to quiet those who expose their evil plans and lies. Do not fear evil people. They can only do to you what I allow them. I am in full control.

These people do not know Me they do not realize that I see and I hear everything. They cannot hide anything from Me, I know it all. I am in full control, I expose all their lies and evil plans before the time. I reveal mysteries, new and hidden things to My children so that you will not be in darkness because I am your Light. Stay with Me and you will never be in darkness.

I warned you before the time that they will try to deceive all mankind if possible in these last days with all their evil plans and lies. Do not fall prey to them, give satan no foothold. He is using those who allow him. Stand your ground and do not be cowardly. Truth sets free not lies. I want My children free not in bondage. Every one of you must do what I tell you to do. Set the captives free and they will be free indeed. It is not My will that anyone perish but that all repent, turn from their wicked ways and have eternal Life. Be steadfast and courageous, stand your ground for truth and righteousness. Be My Light carriers and truth warriors in the world that is in darkness. Let My Light shine in and through you to draw others to Me the Light of the world and do not be darkness yourselves. Be different and stand your ground.


  1. Amen the battle has been set in array....go forth soldiers.

    Shalom ♡
    Sis. Libby

  2. Amen! Shalom and love to you also Sis Libby.