Thursday, November 10, 2016

People are fallible – November 10, 2016

I warn out of love and because I care and want to keep My beloved children from disappointment and hopelessness. Learn from Me, listen to, obey and follow Me only because people are fallible. I am the only One who is always trustworthy and who does not fail nor disappoint. I do not change, people change. You can always Rely on Me, The Source of Life. Never put your hope and trust in fallible men or women, then you will certainly be disappointed. Many pretend to be who they are not. Trust no one but Me. Walk with Me every step of the way. I guide and lead My own Myself to be in My perfect will. People are fallible.

Follow My example. I did not entrusted Myself to any one. I know what is in the heart of every one, I know all motives and all thoughts, nothing can be hidden from Me. Be  different, be trustworthy, like Me. Do not be a shame on My Name. Stand out and be Light in darkness and do not be darkness yourselves like so many are, they are only deceiving themselves. I test every heart and all motives. Be pure in heart. Be like Me, Holy.

My promises do not fail but people are fallible. Have faith in Me and trust Me only. I work all things out for good according to My plan and purpose. My will be done.