Tuesday, December 13, 2016

I Am The Great Teacher – December 13, 2016

Many do not know that I Am The Great Teacher. That is why they are deceived and in darkness. They have accepted lies for truth but only Truth sets free not lies. They have no true knowledge of Me for who I really am and for what I am able to do.

If you lack wisdom ask from Me, I give freely to anyone and without any reproach. I Am The Great Teacher. My children will not be in darkness because I am your Light. I know all things, the end from the beginning. Nothing is new or can be hidden from Me. I reveal new and hidden things as I wish.

Make Me your Great Teacher. Submit yourselves willfully to Me and My authority. You will not be disappointed. I do not fail. Trust Me with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding. Listen to and learn from Me. I will Teach you My Ways. I will guide and lead you every step of the Way to be in My perfect will. I will guide you into all Truth by My Spirit and nobody else.

Many have an unteachable spirit that is why they do not learn from Me and will not grow to spiritual maturity. They will stagnate unless they repent and be willing to learn from Me The Great Teacher for themselves. I force no one. Be humble, submit yourselves to Me, listen to and hear from Me. I Speak, you must listen and obey Me. You have valuable lessons to learn. I Am The Great Teacher.


  1. Teach me dear Lord even how to listen, hear, submit and obey Your teachings, so that fear won't apprehend my successful journey to You is my prayer.

    Shalom and l♡ve to ALL

    1. Amen!Shalom and love to you also Sis Libby.


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