Friday, December 30, 2016

Vengeance is Mine – December 30, 2016

Vengeance is Mine, My beloved children. Do not believe nor think that those who do not repent but continue in their wicked ways will get away with it. I see and I hear everything. You are all ever before Me, the righteous and the wicked. It is not My will that anyone perish but that all repent to have Eternal Life because there will be no mercy without true remorseful repentance.

I Am the Righteous Judge, I Judge Fairly and Justly and it will be a terrible thing for the unrepentant, stiff necked rebellious who refused to repent there will come a time when it will be too late. Do not wait, now is mercy time. Repent, turn from your wicked ways now or you will bear the consequences. I have no favoritism and I do not discriminate.

I Am Love but I Am also A Consuming Fire to those who refuse to repent. I Love and I Care for all that is why I always warn first. I will repay all evil, vengeance is Mine. I find no pleasure in the death of a sinner. Seek Life not death.

Be blameless and different yourselves. Do not repay evil with evil but with good. Love and do not hate, bless and do not curse. Pray for all, your enemies also because they do not know Me for who I really Am and for what I Am able to do. That is why they have no fear and no reverence for Me.

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