Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Guard yourselves – January 11, 2017

Guard yourselves My children and do not expect somebody else to do it for you. You are responsible for your own life and destiny. Be on guard all the time and do not let your guard down. Be always watchful and praying.

If you let your guard down, you make yourselves vulnerable to the enemy. satan knows his time is running out and he will do everything possible to lure you away from Me and to deceive you with all his lies. He is your adversary, do not fall prey to him by letting your guard down. Give him no foothold but resist him and he will flee. Truth sets free not lies. Guard yourselves from lies because lies destroy.

Guard your own heart against all evil. Be steadfast and unmovable. Put on My full Armor every day so that you will be able to stand against all the schemes of satan in these days. Do not let your guard down. satan has destroyed many and he is seeking to destroy more. Do not become his victims. Guard yourselves to be overcomers and victorious.

Guard My Temple, you do not belong to yourselves but to Me and My Everlasting Kingdom. You are My Temple, I do not dwell in man-made buildings but in your hearts My beloved children. Those who do not guard My Temple, Judgment will start at My House first. I am Holy and I do not change. Be Holy, guard yourselves.

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