Friday, February 17, 2017

Love Truth not lies – February 17, 2017

Love Truth not lies. Only Truth sets free not lies. Those who Love Truth will be different and separated from the rest of the world. You will not blend in like so many do because they do not Love Truth but lies. That is why many are deceived and in darkness. If you are not Light in darkness but darkness yourselves, you are deceiving yourselves. Love Truth and you will live. If you refuse you will bear the consequences. The wages of sin is death. The unrighteous will not inherit My Everlasting Kingdom. Do not be deceived. Love Truth and hate lies to be an overcomer and victorious.

Many have accepted lies for truth therefore they do not only approve of those things that are an abomination to Me but they do them themselves also and still they believe that they are pleasing to Me while they are in enmity with Me. They must repent, turn from their wicked ways. Love Truth, walk and live in all Truth. I Am Holy and I did not change. Be Holy because without holiness no one will see Me. I Love and I Care for you. Love Truth not lies.

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