Thursday, March 23, 2017

Tolerate – March 23, 2017

I Am Merciful and Long suffering, I tolerate for a long time with mankind. It is not My Will that anyone perish but that all repent to have Eternal Life. I died for all out of Love. I will not continue to tolerate the disobedient forever. There will come a Day when mercy time will be no more.

I will not tolerate wickedness forever. I call the wicked to repentance. If they refuse to listen, they will bear the consequences. No mercy without true remorseful repentance. I did not change. I Am Fair and Just.

Many are deceived and in darkness because they have accepted lies for truth. That is why they do not only approve of those things that are an abomination to Me but they do them themselves also. They believe that I Am pleased with them, while I Am not. They are in enmity with Me. I will not tolerate them forever. Judgment will start at My House first. I must be pleased with you, do not assume. I Love and I Care for you.

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