Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Turn from the wrongful way – March 29, 2017

Many are on the wrongful way to destruction. Unless they repent, turn from the wrongful way, they will perish. There is a way that seems right but its end leads to death.

It is not My Will that anyone perish but that all repent to have Eternal Life. I find no pleasure in the death of a sinner. Repent and Live because those who refuse will bear the consequences. The wages of sin is death. Seek Life not death. Repent because there will be no mercy without true remorseful repentance.

Many are deceived and in darkness because they continue on the wrongful way and they believe that I am pleased with them while they are in enmity with Me. Repent, turn from the wrongful way or you will perish. I have no favoritism and I do not discriminate. I do not change. Be Holy for I Am Holy, because without Holiness no one will see Me. The unrighteous will not inherit My Everlasting Kingdom. Do not be deceived. Live your lives worthy of and pleasing to Me. Listen to, obey and follow Me, My Way, that is the only Way to Eternal Life.

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