Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Total trust, no doubt – April 04, 2017

I want your total trust and no doubt in these days. I Am your Father, I Am better than any earthly father can be. Rely on Me. Put all your hope and trust in Me and do not lean on your own understanding. I Am in full control. I know the end from the beginning. I work all things out for good for those who Love Me who are called for My Plan and Purpose. My Promises do not fail. I did not change.

Total trust, no doubt, is a choice and is pleasing to Me. Do not let satan lie to you. Do not doubt Me nor be double minded. Be steadfast, unmovable in your faith.

You can be in My perfect Will, My Plan and Purpose but you must trust Me, and do what I want. My Will be done, not your own or that of other people. Follow Me in faith. Total trust and no doubt. I do not fail.

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