Monday, June 26, 2017

Determination – June 26, 2017

You must be determined to succeed. Your determination will make you victorious, an overcomer. Your ultimate goal must be Eternal Life in the end of your journey. Be determined to make it all the way to the end. Those who give up, it will be all in vain. The race set before you is not for the swift but for those who endure who are determined to receive the Prize of Eternal Life at the end of their race.

Do not let satan lie to you. He does not want you to succeed, to be victorious, an overcomer. He will always try his utmost to hinder and stop you. Do not allow him. I overcame the world, you are also able. Victory is assured with Me.

Be determined and persistent in your walk with Me. It is a daily walk. Some started good but then they lose hope and give up too quickly. Others are not willing to walk with Me, they have no determination. Be willing and self determined. I force no one to walk with Me, My Way.

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