Sunday, August 20, 2017

Not in the same race – August 20, 2017

Do not think that all of you are running in the same race, you are not. Many have not enrolled yet. Some started good but they withdrawn. They are not in the same race any longer. Do not be deceived. Not every one who says to Me, Lord, Lord will see Me nor inherit Eternal Life. That is why they are not following Me and not in My Perfect Will. They are not running the race that I set before them and according to My Rules. I have the same Rules for all. I Am The Righteous Judge who Judges Fairly and Justly. Unless they repent and return and run according to My Rules, they will not be successful and be very disappointed.

Each one of you must focus on your own race and run the race set before you with endurance and perseverance and run in such a way to receive the prize of Eternal Life at the end. Run the race set before you and do not look back nor withdraw, or it will be all in vain. The race is not for the swift but for those who are determined and willing, who endure and persevere and run the race set before them until the very end. They will not be disappointed but will be rewarded at the end.

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