Saturday, December 2, 2017

The agnostics – December 02, 2017

The agnostics do not know Me. They lack true knowledge of Me for who I really Am and for what I Am able to do. I Am Real and I Am Alive. I Speak but many of the agnostics do not want to seek Me for themselves. They lean on their own understanding and knowledge that cause them to be destroyed. They love lies that is why they are deceived. Those who diligently seek Me, find Me. I Am always Faithful and Available for all. I reward those who diligently seek Me with a sincere heart. I Reveal Myself to them. They know that I Am Real and Alive and that I Speak. They have their own personal relationship with Me.

If the agnostics are willing to seek Me, they will find Me and know that I Am Real and Alive. The problem is that many of them are not serious nor want to seek Me. I know every heart, all motives and thoughts. They have a free will but will also bear the consequences. I Love and I Care for all. Every one has a conscience therefore nobody will have an excuse on Judgment Day for being an agnostic.

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