Sunday, January 28, 2018

Distractions – January 28, 2018

Be vigilant, watchful and praying. There are many distractions in the world today that can let you lose focus and take you off course. Many lack self discipline. Be determined, serious about Me and your end destination. You do not know how much time you have and when it might be your time. Every day many are dying, some suddenly and unexpectedly. That is why you must always be ready, pleasing to Me, to be found worthy to Inherit My Everlasting Kingdom or it will be all in vain and you will be very disappointed but only have yourselves to blame. Do not let distractions hinder your progress and daily walk with Me. Do not neglect your personal relationship with Me. Nothing else matters more.

Keep your focus deliberately on Me and My Everlasting Kingdom and seek My Will and do it to be in My Perfect Will. Be a doer and not a mere hearer. Seek Me above everything and everybody with all your heart. Show Me that I Am your First Love.

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